In the News


August 7th, 2019

We are delighted to welcome two new graduate students to the lab!

Camille Johnston is an incoming Ph.D. student in the social area who recently received her B.S. in neuroscience from UCLA. She is interested in neuroimaging and the development of social cognition in close relationships.

Marissa is an incoming M.S. student in the neuroscience program who recently received her B.S. in psychology from Northern Kentucky University. Her main research interests include developmental cognitive neuroscience, neural mechanisms of behavior, mental disorders, diagnostic tools and early intervention research.


August 7th, 2019

Megan has successfully defended her Master’s thesis

Megan received her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology after completing her thesis entitled, “I Knew You Weren’t Going to Like Me! Neural Response to Accurately Predicting Rejection is Associated with Anxiety and Depression.”


August 1, 2019

Two new staff members have joined the lab!

Rachel Ore is joining us as a lab coordinator who started as an undergraduate research assistant in the SDN lab and continued working with us part time upon her graduation from Temple University. She is now transitioning to a full time position in the lab! Rachel is interested in pursuing a Ph. D in clinical psychology.

Caleb Haynes is splitting his time between the SDN Lab and Dr. David Smith’s Neuroeconomics lab to help with MRI scans, data analysis, and programming. He graduated from Arizona State University earlier this year, and he's interested in pursuing a PhD in the field of social neuroscience.


August 1ST, 2019

Dr. Jarcho is the Interim Director of the Social Area at Temple University

As Interim Director of the Social Area, Dr. Jarcho has some great new events planned for faculty and students. First, we are growing the area in new and exciting ways! We are welcoming new faculty member Dr. Chelsea Helion, and current faculty members Dr. Ingrid Olson and Dr. David Smith, to the area! Each has joint appointments in the Cognition & Neuroscience area, and are excited to be accepting new Social graduate students. Second, we will be holding an open house at the beginning of the semester to celebrate our new members. Third, we have instituted joint Social/Cognition & Neuroscience symposia which will be held throughout the semester. Dr. Jarcho is looking forward to her new role and this new chapter for the Social Area.


July 31st, 2019

Our fourth year Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student, Tessa Clarkson recently successfully defended her Preliminary Exam and Dissertation Proposal

The Preliminary Examination is a critical review and synthesis of the literature in a specific area of interest, defined in consultation with the student’s primary advisor and substantively related to the topic of the student’s Dissertation. Tessa’s Preliminary Exam topic empirically examines the impact and use of the RDoC Framework, a guideline for designing and studying topics on mental health put forth by the NIMH in 2010, in research on social processing in children and adolescence. This paper has also been submitted for publication.

The Dissertation proposal is an oral presentation of a topic or study proposed by the graduate student, that will be used to generate their dissertation. The dissertation is study that is developed by the graduate student based on their interests. Tessa’s dissertation will be looking at how learning in social contexts my be disrupted in adolescents with social anxiety symptoms. Her dissertation proposal has also been submitted to the NIMH for a grant called the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) to support her dissertation work.


MAY, 2018

Athena receives a summer research project stipend under the honors program

Athena Vafiadis is a rising Senior and a member of the Honors College here at Temple University. Through the Honors program, she proposed an abstract for a summer research project and was granted the summer stipend to work on it with the Social Developmental Neuroscience Lab. Her study is titled Virtual University at Temple University!



We have started our SPOT study! We are excited to have participants in the lab!

We have received symposium acceptance at ADAA! The ADAA 2019 39th Annual Conference (March 28-31, Chicago, IL) will bring together an expected 1,400 clinicians and researchers from across the US and around the world who want to improve treatments and find cures for anxiety, depression and co-occurring disorders. Our work is titled Neural Response to Social and Non-Social Information: Associations with Anxiety and Depression Symptoms during Childhood through Late Adolescence. We look forward to sharing our work at the conference.


September 5th, 2018

Our third year Clinical Psychology Ph.D. student, Tessa Clarkson, recently won the Second Year Research Award at Stony Brook University.

The Second Year Research Award is given to acknowledge the best master’s thesis of the year in the graduate Ph.D. psychology programs. Tessa’s project examined early childhood and preadolescent brain and behavioral risk factors collectively predicting risk for the continuation of social anxiety symptoms in mid-adolescence. She tested the extent to which brain function during social interactions in preadolescence influenced the effects of social anxiety and early childhood social reticence on the persistence of social anxiety symptoms in mid-adolescence. 


August 20th & 21st, 2018

Our Eye Tracker was delivered! Even more new equipment for our new studies! We were very fortunate, yet again, to have an in-depth two day training on our new equipment. We look forward to using this for upcoming studies. 


August 13th & 14th, 2018

Our EEG equipment was delivered! Our lab was lucky enough to get a two day training with our new equipment from the developers of the system. We're excited to start up our new EEG studies!


August, 2018

We moved!

We have officially moved to Temple University from Stony Brook University. We're still finishing up our FRIEND study at Stony Brook (check that out in our "Current Studies" section), which means there is still some time to participate in our research studies on Long Island.

Moving forward, we will be recruiting from the Greater Philadelphia area!


October 25, 2017

Dr. Johanna Jarcho was quoted in an interview: Getting Bullied as a Kid Can Stay with You for Life. link.


October 12, 2017

Hung-Wei (Bernie) Chen, one of our undergraduate Research Assistants, won the Diversity Fund Undergraduate Registration Award to the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) 2018 Convention, Atlanta, GA. This award provides financial support for its recipients to travel to the annual conference. Congratulations!


April 25, 2017

Ali Pellecchia, one of our undergraduate Research Assistants, received a research grant for summer 2017 from the Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URECA) Summer Program. This program provides financial support for Stony Brook students to complete 10 weeks of full-time mentored research. Congratulations!