FRIEND stands for “Forming Reputations & Investigating Electrophysiological Network Dynamics.” The purpose of this study is to understand how adolescents think and learn to interact with their peers. Adolescence is a time when people begin to think and feel differently, and we are interested in understanding those changes. Around 600 adolescents (ages 11 to 14) will be included in this study.

What To Expect -- 

1) Surveys

2) Playing computer games, and

3) Seeing your brain activity measured with an EEG!

The study involves 1 visit to Stony Brook University, and it will be 3 hours.

For Your Participation -- 

Your family will be compensated $50 for the visit with a chance to win an extra $10 during your participation!! 

Is This Study Right for You?  

You must be between 11 to 14 ages.



Contact us at or call us at 631.632.7579 !